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25 Years of Meritage


Red Meritage
Cabernet Sauvignon - Produces a dense wine, providing structure and concentrated flavors. Combines power and backbone, adding rich tannins which contribute to the age-worthiness of a blend. Cabernet Sauvignon aromas are redolent of black currants, black cherry and plums and flavors present rich, mature black fruit flavors - ripened blackberries and ripe plums.

Cabernet Franc - Exhibiting softer tannins and less dominant than Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc adds finesse, enhances aromas and adds earthy character. The aromas include a rich mature fruit perfume and spicy earthiness. Red fruits such as raspberries and cherries define the flavors of Cabernet Franc, combined with distinct clove and cinnamon characteristics.

Merlot - An early ripening variety, Merlot gives a round fruit character, soft tannins and a supple texture to the wine, contributing lively fruit characteristics and aromas of red cherries, raspberries and blueberries. On the palate, Merlot offers flavors of ripe cherry and chocolate flavors, combined with a fleshy texture.

Malbec - Malbec adds deep color and acidity to the blend, helping to soften the tannins of the other wines. Very aromatic, with definitive floral and exotic characteristics, the flavors are ultra concentrated berry and jam flavors.

Petit Verdot - Providing intense color, Petit Verdot produces very concentrated and tannic wines. Highly aromatic, it adds spiciness, robust flavors of molasses, plums and blackberries to a blend.

Carmenère - A member of the Cabernet family, it produces wines of deep, rich color and aromas of red fruits, spice and berries. Carmenère provides flavors of ripe cherries, dark chocolate and tobacco, combined with earthy aromas of smoke and spice.

White Meritage
Sauvignon Blanc - Produces a dry white wine of true varietal character and bright flavors. The grape variety responds to selective winemaking techniques such as stainless steel fermentation or barrel fermentation by producing wines with individual and separate flavor and aromas. Winemakers favoring stainless steel fermentation produce wines that either emphasizes the variety's grassy, herbal qualities or its fruit flavors of melon, pear and citrus. Winemakers using barrel fermentation and extended oak aging may produce wines of exceptional richness and creaminess. Usually the dominant wine in a blend, Sauvignon Blanc provides bright acidity and structure.

Semillon - A light, fruity white wine of low acidity and light fig aromas, Semillon is more likely to be found in a blended wine than as an individual finished wine. Blended with Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon provides floral aromas and a round, fruit character to the finished wine. Its lower acidity tempers the grassiness inherent to Sauvignon Blanc and adds complexity to the blend.

Muscadelle du Bordolais - A highly aromatic, sweet wine. Used in very small percentages, its intense, perfumy character adds lovely floral character to a blend.